More than a hundred million Americans find themselves without a dental insurance policy, and many of these people belong to the low income bracket. The majority prefer to get by with simple fillings and the occasional clean-up job. The dental filling costs anywhere from $150 to $200, clean-up costs around $250 and having braces installed could cost you anything in the range of $4,500 to $6,500. Having a sizeable chunk taken out of your domestic budget implies that there is urgent need to insure dental costs. It doesn’t help that the majority of employers do not fund dental insurance premiums. Adding to the uncertainty is the fact that many market insurance products are of doubtful standing.

Obamacare, also known as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, breaks new ground by wading into dental care insurance. Though the government recognizes that dental care for children is a priority item in any health policy, and there are insurance policies that make them affordable, little has been done to make it mandatory.

Acknowledging the plain truth that most people are without resources to fund expensive dental premiums, we present some of the best tips on saving dental care expenses:

Open and fruitfully exploit the Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • The HSA was created for those people with higher deductible health insurance plans that wished to save for meeting medical expenses and simultaneously gain tax exemptions and concessions. By high-deductible plan we mean a plan with a deductible exceeding $1,300 if we are talking of individual policy holders and $2,600 if it’s a family. The maximum annual contribution is pegged at $3,350 (for individuals) and $6,650 (if it’s a family). The significant advantage is that the money that you park in the HSA grows tax free till it is used to meet dental expenses.

Leverage the employer’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • When the employer permits FSA it is left open to you to accumulate your pretax dollars in that fund till you leverage the money for dental care. It is equally important to acknowledge the fact that overfunding the account doesn’t do you any good because if the money isn’t utilized within the year it simply lapses and there is no roll over facility. As you stand to lose unutilized funds it would be wiser to estimate your family’s medical expenses beforehand and accumulate just sufficient money to meet the expenses.

If a Dental school has a demand, meet that need at lower cost

  • Accredited dental schools frequently need patients to volunteer for dental procedures. You could end up getting a minor cleanup or major dental surgery done at an affordable cost (way below the market rate). Besides, these dental procedures will be conducted under the personal supervision of accredited professionals so you stand to receive high quality services that save money and get the job done with a higher degree of professionalism.

If the dentist has a payment plan, he is your man

  • Annual cleaning schedules, fillings and X-rays are very often integral to plans that are offered at discounted rates by many dental professionals. Perhaps the only challenging problem in such plans is that they require upfront payments that families may find it difficult to muster. But that is a challenge one can readily accept if it means valuable savings down the road. There is also the added advantage of having assured treatment throughout the year.

The advantages of retail dental clinics

  • A major cost cutting initiative is offering high quality dental services within the relaxing ambiance of a mall or shopping center as opposed to the specialized dental hospital. The advantage is that a person gets to access dental care services at a lower cost without sacrificing much of his time and money and without compromising on quality. Gentle Dental and Pacific Dental Care are just a few examples of retail dental care services that are making waves in the community.

Dental coupons and discounts that save money

  • There are quite a few dental clinics that issue discounts and coupons that you can locate in mailers and newspapers that account for almost 50% of the dental costs in cleaning, filling and X-rays. This is a huge saving even if the facility is limited to single visits.

Dental Groupons for short term savings

  • If you thought that Groupons are limited to fashionable clothing and exciting vacations you can do a rethink because you can see their counterparts reducing dental care costs. You could be pleasantly surprised to see Groupons charging as little as $50 for complete cleanups with X-rays. You can’t leverage Groupons for a long term benefit because they are limited to first time users, but they guarantee dental jobs at lower costs.

The advantages of preventive care

  • It is an established fact that neglecting dental problems can turn out to be thrice as expensive as preventive care. This is certainly an area that deserves more than its fair share of attention – preventing dental problems from getting complicated. Establish a practiced dental routine and make it a regular habit learning the fundamentals of brushing correctly, flossing teeth and getting the doctor to do a checkup at periodical intervals.

Opting to see the dentist only when all hell breaks loose or choosing to visit the dentist at frequent intervals for checkups is a straight choice – the former pushes you into a trajectory of ever increasing expenses whereas the latter helps you maintain greater dental health thereby obviating the need for high cost dental procedures. If you cannot afford regular visits try leveraging the cost cutting tips that we have detailed, but don’t avoid seeing the dentist altogether as that is a one way trip to bigger dental bills. TNL Car Title Loans 210 N Garfield Ave Ste 378, Monterey Park, CA, 91754 (626)531-2862

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